Nowadays having a visa for the United States of America is not less than a blessing. Having a US visa is beneficial for every traveler in many ways. When it comes to international traveling Indians get consciousness for performing legal formalities for obtaining a visa. US visa for Indians is the most pleasant yet painful activity for almost every Indian visitor who wants to visit the United States of America. Travelers carry a variety of motives for the visit to another country. When it comes to international destinations there is a special purpose and formality every visitor has to carry out and especially for a destination like the USA. Once you receive the US visa, it makes the visa process easier for other countries, this is the reason why the best US visa for Indians plays a significant role for every Indian traveler and the primary focus is always on a visa. To begin with a visa process there are certain steps to be followed and all that begins with the documentation and ends with holding a visa in your hand. So here is a list of some basic and mandatory lists of documents that one has to carry while applying for a tourist visa. DS160 form it requires to fill all the personal and visa-related information carefully. Personal details, education details, employment details, contact details, previous travel history, and financial status. If a visitor gets an invitation from their friends or relatives who stays in the US in such case applicant has to submit the following documents. When an applicant gets sponsorship for their US trip than they are supposed to submit a following list of documents. The importance to submit the above document while applying for a US visa for Indians is to support legitimacy, intention to returning to the home country, representing financial ability and proving oneself of not having any criminal history. The biometric session will take place before your interview on the appointment date at VFS Center. An interview is also part of a legal procedure in which a face-to-face communication between an applicant and a Consulate officer will take place. During this session, you will be asked several questions with regards to your visa application. You have to make sure that you reply to all the answers clearly and genuinely. If you are unable to reply to their question genuinely it may cause the rejection of the visa application. Once the procedure of the interview is done. you have to wait for 7-10 days to get the passport if your visa is approved. However, these days can differ as per the workload and other factors of the US embassy. Once your visa has been approved by the US embassy an applicant will get a notification for the same via registered mail id. The validity of a US visa for Indians is of 10 years. However, the validity of this visa can be transformed as per the decision of the US embassy. Source: Free Articles from Fly For Holidays is a Pvt. Ltd. Online travel company located in Mumbai since 2016. We are one of the trusted and leading Visa agencies among our 8650 clients and this number is still growing. We are engaged in providing US Visa for Indians, booking holiday packages for domestic and international travelers.  We are also engaging in booking Flight tickets, hotel reservations, and Cab hiring services. Our company is registered under the Indian Company’s Act 2013. It is limited by shares privately and held by the family members.