The US has been a favored destination for Indian travelers for long. Physical features like landforms, water bodies, temperature, climate and man-made features like buildings, towers, skyscrapers are all responsible factors for tourism growth. As the nature of Indian people is of a wanderer type, Indian citizens desire for international holidays. For international safety & security, it is important to have a US visa for Indians travelers. Visa is a tool that every international visitor holds as proof of their citizenship and visit, therefore a visa plays a very important role for every international visitor. Nowadays people visit international destinations for various purposes such as education, tourism, medical, business, sports and hundreds of others. Every international visit demands a valid visa from their international guests. Visa is a useful tool that helps countries to stop illegal immigration and other anti-social activities. So, each and every person needs to hold a valid visa who is going to enter into the international boundary.  Before applying for the US visa for the Indians you have to make sure that you follow the below-listed steps for the effective and smooth procedure. Step 1 - Decides the types of visas. Here are the types of visas that require international visits while visiting the US. There are numerous types of visas available as per the purpose of the visit.  Such as Step 2 –  Documentation  Once you decide which type of visa is required as per your visiting purpose the next step is to submit your documents. However, the list of documents differs from the types of visas. Here, is the list of some documents that one has to carry while they apply for the visa application.    Step 3 – Procedure     Once the verification and submission of the visa application are done, an applicant has to begin with a visa application process.    The US visa process generally takes 12 to 15 working days to proceed. However, these days can vary from different factors such as the workload of the embassy, official holidays, weekends, the presence of staff members, urgency, etc. While applying for the US visa an applicant also has to give an interview and biometric. An interview is a face to face communication between an applicant and the visa officer. During the interview, various questions are going to ask to the visa applicant. The applicant has to make sure that He/She is answering each question honestly and their purpose of the visit is genuine as per they have presented their case. Another process is biometric. In a biometric procedure, there are some important samples of body features that are going to store technically. For biometric purposes, sample data of fingerprints and eye retina is going to take. Step 4 – Get your visa done. Once all the procedure is done, as per the above-stated information next step is to wait for the final decision to come. once your application for the US visa for Indians.        Generally, a UK visa has a validity of 10 years. However, the final decision of providing the validity of a visa depends upon the US embassy as per the requirements of a case. Source: Free Articles from Fly For Holidays is a Pvt. Ltd. Online travel company located in Mumbai since 2016. We are one of the trusted and leading agencies for US visa for Indians among our 8650 clients and this number is still growing.  We are engaged in providing Visa services, booking holiday packages for domestic and international travelers.  We are also engaging in booking Flight tickets, hotel reservations, and Cab hiring services. Our company is registered under the Indian Company’s Act 2013. It is limited by shares privately and held by the family members.